Wednesday, August 10, 2011

倪可敏 (Nga Kor Ming) - 延续709精神,迈向布城

倪可敏 (Nga Kor Ming) - 延续709精神,迈向布城.

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this is funny lo...

哈哈哈  1万块 抓鬼 ==

13th General Election of Malaysia 2012
1) UMNO Wanita who is with corruption with cow must give her big lost
2) UMNO – who don’t corrupt? Corrupt candidates all say NO
3) DAP PHD leader who like to speak dirty words (high educational background but standard 3 level and no culture must let him big lost. Do you want your children all speak dirty words in your house? They will learn with these stupid dirty words
4) If DAP leaders are racist thinking NO
5) Some DAP leaders who are good YES such as DAP Selangor DUN Pengerusi (Klang seat)
6) MCA & PGRM – depend on the candidates / leader YES & NO
7) MCA leaders who are “curi-curi duit” Malaysia all give them LOST
8) PKR – YES & NO (Anwar Ibrahim can be voted because no racist thinking now
9) MIC – May Be (May be needed some helps in their voices in Parliament) But Sami is BIG NO
10) PAS – NO is bigger than YES (Too radical Islamic and only some open mind leader) Teach PAS in Kedah one lesson)
11) All candidates who are
a) Low educational level (such as taxi driver, standard 6, etc)
b) Racist
c) Radical religion
d) Do not know English (21st century YB should know)
e) Do not know Malay / Bahasa Malaysia (Malaysian don’t know Bahasa? – Do you know what is localized?)
f) No performances in Parliament and DUN or as a minister, wakil rakyat, etc
ALL SAY BIG NO & NOT VOTE – who are not qualified as YB because they all always keep quiet in Parliament and DUN. How to present public interest / people needs?
If you vote those people, our country will return back 10 years ago
12) All Politic Frog must let them died in our Malaysian politics such as DAP Woman YB Perak.

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